Half Payment Deadline Approaching

I often hear complaints from Texas property owners who bemoan the timing of property tax payments. The January 31 deadline shows up around the same time the bill comes due on all of those Christmas splurges.

But did you know that many Texas counties allow you to pay your property taxes in 2 yearly installments? Section 31.03 0f the Texas Property Tax Code allows taxing units the option to collect property taxes in one half installments. Most of the larger counties allow this practice. You typically do not have to fill out any additional paper work or obtain permission. Simply calculate one half of the amount you owe on your taxes and pay that amount by November 30, 2010. The other half of your taxes will then be due on June 30, 2011.

This is a great way to manage you tax bill and your cash flow.

To check whether your county allows that option go to our links page and find your county. This will take you to their website.

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